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The Advantages of Hiring Professional Trade Show Service Providers

trade show managementIn the modern world of mobile devices and social networks, it might seem as if people conduct every piece of business they have online. But, even in the today’s world of communications technology, meeting customers, business partners, and new potential clients face-to-face still holds an incredible value to any business organization. Because of this fact, trade shows and trade conventions are still as relevant as they have ever been for many kinds of business ventures and fields of industry.

These events were firstly conceived as a way for companies and business organizations showcasing their latest services and products, gather information and make new connections. Here, a business can both be included in the process of exhibiting their offer and examining the offers of their competitors and rivals. Both possibilities are of a paramount importance to any business and the reason why a trade show should be taken very seriously.

When a company’s marketing department is tasked with organizing as trade show presence and strategy, they are met with a choice. In this scenario, a company can choose a do it yourself approach, or they can opt for an outside professional services. In the second case, an external company is hired to take care of all trade show services that are needed for a company. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios.

A More Affordable Approach

There is no doubt that providing trade show services internally are cheaper than hiring a third party and outsourcing all organizational needs. But, at the same time, a company risks creating a weak presentation that will neither impress nor inform visitors. At the same time, by being focused on its own trade show presence, a company might miss the opportunity to gain insight into competitors and their offers.

Also, there is the possibility of actively losing money if mistakes are made along the way which would not be made by experienced providers of trade show services. In other words, this approach might save money, but can turn out to be very costly for a company in the long run.

trade-show-managementProviding an Excellent Presence

Taking part in a trade show is not just the fact that a company is present. Instead, a company must make sure that its message is transmitted loud and clear. By using trade show services for a professional company in this area, any business organization can receive a great trade show presence. These experienced professionals will make sure that a relevant trade show is adequately targeted, that all logistical and support processes are dealt with and delivered on time, and that all set-up and dismantling of a trade show booth or stall is completed safely and expediently.

The same professional services can also take care of the hosts and other staff recruitment and management, no matter what country or region the trade show is taking place. In essence, a do it yourself approach does not stand a chance when it comes to the sheer management power of a professional services that offers to organize and coordinate a trade show presence for a company.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that a professional trade show services offer the best possible option for this kind of events. While the do it yourself approach might seem more affordable, the truth is that a company should not miss out on a chance to present itself in the best possible light. Because of this, exhibiting at a trade show with the help professional services should be seen as the best possible option for these events.

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Finding the Best Trade Show Booth for your Business


It is always necessary for you to prepare well for your trade show. Remember in the trade show you will have an opportunity to showcase your products to potential buyers. It will provide a great opportunity for you to send a message to the potential customers that you are the best. Just the way you will display your products will matter a lot when it comes to the success of your trade show. There are different displays you can go for; you can decide to have portable displays or any other trade show display products which will enable you host a successful trade show.

Finding the Best Trade Show Booth for your Business

There are many factors you need to consider for you to find the best trade show booth. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration include the following:


The type of booth you will hire will be determined by the space you will have to display your products. If you have a restricted space, then you need to go for a small booth which will fit in the space. Even if the space is small, you should ensure you display all your products well so that potential customers will see them.

Shapes/floor positions

The shape of the booth matters. If you have ordered custom booths which have been made in a certain shape, then you should be ready to arrange your products so that they will fit well. You can as well arrange for a booth which has a specific shape which will display your products perfectly.

Types of trade show displays available in the market

1. Inline display

This is an exhibit which has been blocked from the back by another display. This allows for potential customers to view your products from the front. It is the perfect display if you have few attendants at your trade show exhibit.

2. Island

This is an exhibit which has all sides exposed to the trade show aisles. This display offers a large area of view for your products. It will require you to have more attendants who will attend to customers from different directions.

3. Peninsula

This is an exhibit which has been exposed to the trade show isles in at least 3 out of the 4 sides. This offers an excellent view for your customers. Depending on your specific needs, you should go for rental exhibits which will display your products well.

Choosing the best booth for your business trade show will increase your chances of achieving great results. You should always ensure you have hired the best company for the rental exhibit services.