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Text Information At Your Display

Your booth and products it represents is a key element of your presentation. Besides attractive design your booth must have a felicitous layout and informative graphics. Here are some tips on what you need to bear in mind when preparing text information for your trade show booth.

When you put graphics on your booth along with your logo you should also include a small description of your company and what kind of products/services it produces. It is inadmissible to think that ‘everybody knows us’ or ‘everything is clear without saying’. This description can be done just in a couple of words, but it really helps. Many visitors just can be too shy to come and ask what your company does, so you will just lose leads.

graphics at a trade showThe focus or attention must be on customers, and not on your company. In your marketing message you must emphasize that you do something useful and valuable for your clients, that you work for me. Avoid messages like ‘we have done/achieve something’, visitors can not feel their involvement in your activity like this. So use more ‘for you’ or ‘together’ messages instead of ‘we’ messages.

Specialized trade shows gather many companies of the same field together. It gives attendees a possibility to compare competitors and their products – in fact, according to studies, more than 90% of visitors go to trade shows to compare similar products. In these terms you need to demonstrate what distinguished your brand from others, what benefits your products have over competitor’s, why customers should choose your products. Generally, it is very clever to speak the language of benefits with your prospects. Identify all the advantages of your product and inform the visitors about them.

Try not to overdo with text information on your graphics. It is hard to read and perceive long texts on the go, besides they do not pop as much as original and bright images. Try to focus more on words that attract interest: valuable, important, special, result, money, safe. Also you need to engage attention of people who came to a show in a search of some novelties and innovations, so wherever it is possible try to include words as ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ at your display and samples.

trade show booth, signage and graphicsWe know that when attendees approach a booth they look at it from 3 points – long, middle and short distance. Your marketing message must take it into consideration.

You can place text blocks and different height and using different font size, so that regardless to a distance at where the visitors are they can be affected by your message. To make it more efficient you can use these calculations: the letters’ height must be increased by 1.5 inches for every 1 foot of the distance.

Do not use glossy surfaces for graphics containing text – they will reflect light and the glare will make it difficult to read.

Provide product samples with a sign describing their characteristics. It is sometimes difficult to understand what make your product unique by its look, especially when the booth staff is busy and nobody is here to explain it. A spec characteristic will keep a potential client occupied till he can get an assistance of a company’s representative. As alternative you can place several iPads at your booth with all the necessary information.

Prepare signs in advance. You may need these signs to convey short messages for example, ‘do not touch’, ‘samples are not for sale’, ‘looking for distributors’, etc. Writing this on a scrape of paper will look unprofessional and make harm the whole impression. ‘Sold’ signs can have a good impact on visitors – it is known that people are imitators, and a ‘sold’ sign can tell them that this product is valuable, that people wanted it, that it is worth to buy it. But you must inform visitors on how they can purchase it (address of a store or online shop), or where it will be available again.  But try not to overdo with prohibiting signs – ‘do not’ messages can suggest people that they are not welcomed here.